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Classic Slots or Video Slots

Classic Slots or Video Slots, which is better?

As a fan of online slots, I have to wonder which slots are better. Is it the classic games that offer just a wild symbol and have only 1 or 3 reels and just 1,3 or 5 paylines, or is the new slots that offer wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus rounds, free spins and 9, 15,20,25 and 30 paylines the better games?

When playing the Classic slot games, you only spend half of what you would be spending on the video slot games of today, and the pay off for a winning spin is usually at least what you bet or more. Now when you play today’s video slots, you bet a higher amount because you want to cover each payline at least once, and a lot of the winning combinations don’t even pay back what you bet. So with this in mind, which slots have the better pay off percentage? To me, it’s the classics and that’s why I love playing games like, Triple Magic from Microgaming casinos like Grand Mondial and Fortune Lounge. And another slot that I love to play that is a classic is Break Da Bank, it’s a 5 payline slot game from Microgaming also, and it has multipliers and has a Max bet of $125! But there is also the video slot game Thunderstruck which is one of my favorite video slot game that has won me a few hundred dollars a couple of times! So in ending this thought, I guess it depends on the day and the game and if it’s your lucky day, regardless of which game you’re playing.