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Microgaming Slots, Too Many?

I have been thinking this for quite sometime now. Microgaming, the big daddy of online slots, their casinos are the most favored casinos by slot lovers because they have a vast array of games. Video slots that have wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, etc..etc.. But is enough, enough?

When I first started playing at online casinos, Microgaming was my casino of choice. They offered so many cool looking slots and even some that you only had to bet a penny to play! But, I think they have gone to far now, every single month they come out with 3 to 5 new slot games making it very, very hard to find that one game that is lucky the day your playing!

I used to play a couple of dollars on a slot and if it was cold I would leave and go to another until I found the one that was on a winning streak, and it didn’t take long to do, but now try that. There are over 300 slots and some have more, trying to find that game or games that maybe “hot” is impossible! Maybe that was the plan for Microgaming? Make it hard for us players to actually find a slot game that is on a winning streak and therefore become a winner?

I mean when was the last time you actually won a good amount at a Microgaming casino? It’s been a very long time for me, and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon, because more and more slots are being added as we speak!