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Slots or Video Poker

Slots or Video Poker which is better?

The debate is on, which do you think is better slot game or video poker games? Many gamblers have their preference and are adamant about it. You can get involved in a very heated debate over this subject with real devout gamblers. But there are two sides to every story.

While many gamblers love to play slot games and think that video poker is very boring to play, while video poker players think that winning is much easier playing the poker machines because you have more control over what you play, where with slots its all in the luck of the spin.

But then you have slot players who love the excitement of waiting for the reels to stop spinning, and looking for that huge jackpot win, or a great bonus round to start, where as with video poker they consider it to boring and dull to enjoy. The debate will go on for as long as there are casinos around for gamblers to frequent, and they question, “Which is better, slots or video poker” will never really be answered. I guess it really depends on which one the gambler has won at; winning at something really can be a big persuader of that person’s opinion on what’s better!